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ELSiA, through the work of its steering group, executive committee, and secretariat, provides support to all its members, their networks and their constituencies on Laudato Si’ initiatives, on  accessing information on the EU’s environment and climate change policies, opportunities to fund green initiatives, share best practices, exchange ideas, voice concerns, share moments of reflection and foster eco-spirituality. Furthermore, to embrace the ecological conversion of Laudato Si’, an integral and integrated approach is required: this integrated and integral approach is what ELSiA members pursue jointly, combining our actions to reach more people and catalyse the ecological conversion.  


A true ecological conversion can be sustained over time only if nourished, recognising and understanding that our relationship to the Earth is both physically and spiritually sustaining. Caring for our souls is also caring for our planet. ELSiA will organise activities that will create a safe space to explore spiritual tradition of Christianity and explore new ways of liturgy deeply connected with all elements of Creation.    

1st ELSiA eco-spirituality workshop in Taizé 12th – 14th November 2021

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These activities are designed to further the message of the Catholic Church on themes of integral ecology and climate and social justice, including at the EU level. Ecological concerns are not new on the political space in Europe or elsewhere, however, decisive, courageous, and bold policies are needed forthwith. Our eco-advocacy activities are geared towards reminding elected officials of their responsibilities towards the electorate and will support the electorate understand the intersections between political ecology, political economy, the power dynamics involved and how the only way forward is through a holistic view of both policy-making and politics, one that is principled and does not simply pay lip service to ephemeral trends.  Sharing the faith in God and being committed to a sustainable lifestyle can be strong unifiers, only if we are truly ready to embrace courageous change in favour of the integral ecology model championed by Laudato Si’. 

ELSiA members raise a strong and shared voice vis-à-vis the European Union and her institutions to advocate the message of the Catholic Church and of the Catholic Social Teaching on integral ecology, in relation to both environmental policy and social justice issues. An example of this commitment is the letter ELSiA members sent to key EU leaders on the occasion of COP26.

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Laudato Si’ Reflection Day 2021: “The Dream, the Plan, the Path”

Cardinal Jean – Claude Hollerich, President of COMECE and Honorary President of ELSiA opened the meeting and speakers included philosopher and writer Roman Krznaric, Dominika Chylewska from Caritas Laudato Si’, Fr Dr Bernd Beermann OFMCap from IUNCTUS, Fr. Augusto Zampini, former Adjunct Secretary of the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development and Angelo Salsi, Head of Unit D2 CINEA,: together we shared moments of prayer, reflection and dialogue.

Inspired by Laudato Si’, we discussed how to be good ancestors, the importance of long-term thinking even in short-term sectors, such as politics and concrete examples of what it looks like to walk the path of ecological conversion, […] for we know that things can change. […]” (Laudato Si’ 13).

Furthermore, we heard about the long-term plans for the future of the Catholic Church and the EU and worked in groups to exchange ideas on what future we want to see, are ready to build and are working on co-creating.

Keywords from the presentations and workshops will be captured live in beautiful illustrations by artist Zsofi Lang.

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LIFE webinar 7/07/2021

Following up from the Laudato Si’ Reflection Day 2021, we have organised an ad hoc workshop to discover more about the LIFE programme, the EU flagship funding instrument for the environment and climate action. The programme has co-financed thousands of projects since its creation in 1992 and we would like to present it to you in details, as it could be a great tool to support our Laudato Si’ inspired activities and projects.

The workshop took place online Wednesday July 7th, starting at 2.30pm Angelo Salsi, Head of Department D – Natural Resources, Climate, Sustainable Blue Economy and Clean Energy and Christian Strasser, Head of unit D.1 – LIFE Energy + LIFE Climate presented the programme and responded to questions from the audience.


ELSiA is focused on bringing forward ways in which organisations, businesses, dioceses, parishes, churches, communities, families and individuals are putting in practice Laudato Si’-inspired actions. We believe this will draw strength and inspiration, create powerful synergies to counter the devastating effects of climate change before irreversible damage will permanently alter the living conditions on this planet. 

A starting point to join forces with ELSiA is through participating to this baseline survey

[…]“We need to develop the awareness that nowadays we are either all saved together, or no one is saved”[…]. (FT 137)

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